Update (1/27/2015)

I still owe you, my friends and/or the voters and candidates of Summit County, a white paper regarding the last election. No excuses, I will get to it and post it here and on my campaign's Facebook pages.
That said, my programming contract was renewed last December for the entire year of 2015 so I remain gainfully employed and actually am better off financially and time wise than if elected, but that's irrelevant, just a consolation to losing a close election.
Also, I have closed down my email account to my voteshumway.org/com (this) site as I am getting a truckload of spam email and it's getting worse weekly. If you need to contact me please use myfirstname at myfirstnameANDlastnametogether as one word dot com.
I will get the white paper out shortly.
Best Wishes,