Park Record Questions

The Park Record (a local bi-weekly newspaper with strong Democrat bias located in Park City, Utah) each election cycle asks questions of the candidates. Several of the questions are the same across all the races but generally there are four questions specific to that particular race. All candidates are given the opportunity to answer the questions, given word length and deadline restrictions.

For some voters these questions are the only insight they will have regarding the candidates. In my opponent's case that is particularly true because (as of 10/17/2014):
1. he has a website listed on his campaign card but it has never contained any content but rather is parked on,
2. none of his personal websites, including LinkedIn, state that he is running for Auditor,
3. he has only some 10 signs scattered out in the county, and
4. the Summit County Democrat website, under their listing of candidates, has 'TBD' under 'Auditor'.
But I know he's running because he's on the ballot. I will say he seems to be a supremely confident candidate.

I will not go into all that I am doing to garner your vote since much has been revealed herein or is yet to be revealed but suffice it to say, monitor this site and my FaceBook page ("vote shumway") for hopefully all the information you will need to make an informed decision upon whom to vote for YOUR Summit County Auditor, at least on my side of the equation. If you have any questions, please email me at, snail mail me at P.O. Box 761, Oakley, UT 84055, or call me at 801-824-4469.

The answers presented herein are taken verbatim from the Park Record. Nothing has been changed.