Election Status (11/05/2014)

As you likely know I am down 43 votes out of 10,185 votes cast. I will be meeting with the County Clerk's office in the next several days and going over procedures and verifying how I went from a 79 vote win (as first reported) to 43 votes down. I talked to them today and thus far I have no reason to cast doubt on the Clerk's procedures or competence. That said, I will be seeking legal council as to my options in the near term. I suspect we will just have to wait until November 17th when canvass is held and the Clerk's office makes the results official. I cannot say too much here as I assume my opponent, or at least those in his campaign, read what I post. So, at this juncture, do not expect much news being disseminated here in but know that I will be moving forward to make sure all is as it should be. It definitely is possible to lose an election by a few votes but I will say IT IS NOT OVER YET!