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The Park Record Editorial

The Park Record (Nan Chalat Noaker, Editor), more often than not, endorses Democrat candidates. In this Summit County election cycle the PR has endorsed five of the eight Democrat candidates, one of the GOP candidates, and appears basically neutral on the other two races, Attorney and Auditor. This is actually great news for my candidacy. Based on what Nan states about the Auditor's race, it truly appears that she understands my message and by my opponents silence, his. Thank you, Nan.

The Park Record Editorial dated November 1-4, 2014 (
"In the auditor's race, there are also two good, yet very different, candidates: Michael Howard, a Democrat who has worked in the courthouse before and Gary Shumway, a Republican, who has previously run for a council seat, lost, and is back again as a government watchdog who wants to bring some fresh perspectives to the office. Voters must choose for themselves between the one who is likely to pursue the status quo or someone who wants to shake things up a bit."

. . . because it's YOUR money!

Aside: On my previous run for Council, see above, I in fact did lose to Robinson, 40-60%. Now here is the rest of the story: I ran against Robinson on the Constitution Party ticket but was helped substantially by many in the Republican Party, including the County Chair at the time. In 2010 I received the most votes of any third party candidate in the state in a two way race. To the best of my knowledge, no third party candidate within recent memory has ever been elected to a county or state position in Utah. I am running as a Republican this election cycle because over the past 46 years I have voted predominantly Republican (I changed my party affiliation back to Republican on 11/3/2010 (the day after the 2010 election)), the Republicans significant help in 2010, and efforts within the GOP to get back to our Constitutional roots.