Update (9/22/2014)

Park City Miners Day Parade

It has been another busy few days since my last post but I know as we get closer and closer to election day (11/4) it just continues to get even more hectic.

We continue to park the campaign Sign Truck about the county (see the 2005 silver Ford truck). It is a good temporary reminder of our candidacy for those who see it.

So far this week...

It has been a busy week. A number of meetings, sign postings, and an alliance formed which should help both candidates (I would say more but I have to assume that my and their opponent may peruse these pages.) What IS interesting is that my opponent supposedly has a website but it is dark and even his campaign email doesn't appear to be active. He better hope he (or Glenn Wright, the SC Dem Chair) has some dark, juicy stuff on me because that's the only way he's going to win this election. Gary Shumway for Summit County Auditor!!! ... Because it's YOUR money!

Update (9/14/2014)

Last Friday was one hectic day which culminated with the NSHS Homecoming Parade and football game. Saturday we drove around the county and posted more signs. Came home and made up some double sided signs. Sunday took a break and relaxed while doctoring up our brochure and printing documents for the next few weeks of campaigning. According to my calendar, only 51 more days until election day (much less if you count early and absentee voting).

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad!