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Update (10/20/2014)

I know it is starting to sound like a broken record but last week was another busy week on the campaign trail.
Monday found me shooting TV ads which are airing on cable TV and have been placed on my campaign FaceBook site as well as my site. We finalized the back cover of the Park Record Voter Guide ad and placed some signs in the county

Addition of Park Record Questions and Answers

Every election cycle of late the Park Record newspaper (a blatantly Democrat leaning, bi-weekly newspaper) puts out a Voter Guide several weeks before the general election. This year is no different and I had the opportunity to answer six questions with strict word limitations. My opponent also answered the questions, which I was glad to see as I have seen very little in the way of a campaign from him. It is important to give the voters a choice and to delineate the differences in those choices.

Audio Ads Added


I went down to KTMP in Heber City last Thursday with the text of three radio spots. I had used KTMP four years ago and had a good experience so, why not? We recorded the radio spots in relatively short order and with the help of the producer of my video (TV) ads, I was able to get the recordings back in mp3 format late Friday afternoon. Early Saturday morning I added a few stills to make the audio recording a bit more interesting in an audiovisual environment (the Internet vs. radio) and uploaded the slide shows to FaceBook and this, my primary campaign site.

Videos Added


Check out the new videos via the video menu item.

These videos were taken last Monday. The primary purpose of the videos is to run them on the cable networks such as CNN, FXNC, CNBC, and MNBC at two times per commercial break segment. Thus two rotated randomly 15 second videos are run vs one 30 second spot. I tell you, one just cannot say very much in 15 seconds so hopefully they don't sound too rushed but I had to keep moving. They weren't cheap to make and to run but they do add another dimension to our advertising campaign.

Give the videos a look.


Update (10/13/2014)

Walking the Walk (stock photo)

I am rather rushed this morning as I have an event in Sugarhouse relative to my campaign to be your next Summit County Auditor. More on this in a week or two. That said, last Friday we handed out fliers at the NS vs SS high school football game in Coalville. Saturday our first (oh, wait, did I say first?) Park Record ad came out and I am getting good reviews re: same. The Park Record Voter's Guide comes out this next Saturday along with most (or all) of the six questions they asked us to 150 words or less.

Park Record Ad

Gary Shumway for Summit County Auditor

Here is our first newspaper full color ad which will come out in the 10/11 edition of the Park Record. It is only an 1/8 page but it's a beginning. I would not expect the anomalies seen in this jpg file in the pdf we sent the paper. There may be more coming...or will there? Stay tuned.

Update (9/30/2014)

Campaign Yard Sign

As of Tuesday (9/30), only 35 more days until election day. Where does the time go?

Last Thursday the GOP candidates met with the Summit County Republican Women's Club at their luncheon. This is the second such meeting for most of the candidates. After the meeting I tried out my new motorcycle hitch carrier which enables me to place a motorcycle on the back of our Sign Truck, drive to a location in the county, leave the truck and ride home on the motorcycle. Worked well as a carrier but the mc was awkward to get out of the carrier. Still not a perfect solution.